Du betrachtest gerade The Whitness- Sandra Brown

The Whitness- Sandra Brown

Kendall Deaton runs away before her husband Matt Burnwood. She , who always wanted a good marriage in that little village, married a murder. Matt Burnwood and his father are chiefs of the brotherhood, a gang, who kills foreign people. Now, on her flight she had an accident with her guard from FBI, who had to bring her to court to make her testimony. This man, John McGrath, lost his mind because of this accident and Kendall says that he is her husband. During their escape from the Burnwood Clan the fell in love… what else…:) could happen in books written by Sandra Brown. The book is nice and well to read and understand in english. A lot of action is crowned by a nice and romantic love-story.

ISBN 9780340961803
Flexibler Einband
448 Seiten
Krimi & Thriller
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