Du betrachtest gerade Cougar ( Chauvinist Stories 2 )  – Elise Faber

Cougar ( Chauvinist Stories 2 ) – Elise Faber

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Age was just a number.Or rather, for Artemis Lang, anything over eighteen was just a number.She was nearly forty, in excellent shape, with a nice face, and a decided weakness for pretty boys. She also didn’t care if those pretty boys were her age or much younger. A man was a man and she loved men.But just because she was open to seeing younger men, didn’t mean she was open to a future with them.Artemis lived her life in temporaries.Temporary relationships. Temporary production contracts. Temporary lengths of time in different locations around the world.No ties. No strings.That was better for everyone.Except, Pierce didn’t see it that way, didn’t understand they’d had their temporary fun and it was time to move on. Fifteen years her junior, Pierce was a talented young director, lovely on both the inside and out, great sense of humor, and frankly, he had the best set of abs she’d ever seen on any human. But the key word in the previous statement was young.And circling back to temporary.Except, Pierce had gotten it into his head that he didn’t want temporary. He wanted Artemis and not just in his bed.He wanted her in his life . . . permanently.The scariest part? Artemis was worried she might want that too.

Opinion :

Wow, I loved this one. It’s about an age — gap. She is much older. Artie loves her men uncomplicated she takes her fair and walks away. She don’t believe in relationships. She saw her parents treating themselves no good.
Pierce is 21 when they met the first time, but he knows Artemis is special — for him. He has to wait six years to get his chance. Will he be able to get into Arties shell?

I flew through the pages, was struck in the words. This book is so wonderful, powerful. Love is the strongest force in the world. Love can heal everything and no matter how old you or your partner are. The writing style is pretty clear and on the point. For the book playing in the world of film industries there are pretty many obstacles to get out of the way too. The bedroom time is totally fine and fits in this story. I loved the humor so much. The way Artie and Pierce tease each other is so funny and enjoying.
Please read.