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Center Stage – Wayne Avrashow

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If politics is a game, who better to play it than a master showman like a mega-rock star?

America has adored rock star Tyler Sloan for decades, and when he decides to leave the Las Vegas stage to run for a seat on the United States Senate, it’s assumed that he’ll run an unconventional campaign. He exceeds expectations—and more.

No stranger to politics, Sloan’s estranged father was a California governor who narrowly lost his presidential campaign. It’s this experience—and his performance skills—that render a show-stopping performance as an independent candidate for Senate. He expresses disdain for the two-party system and dismisses special interests and lobbyists. Sloan immediately finds himself caught in a political campaign fraught with scandal, corruption, and conflicting loyalties—personally, politically, and romantically.

Will Sloan be able to handle political turbulence and reckon with his own past while navigating the polls? As the countdown to election day begins, Tyler Sloan is focused on winning and taking center stage.

This book is a great read, with a sympatic Protagonist. Tyler Sloan is a retired rock-star, and he decides to run for a free senates seat in Nevada. He does well and wants to change the mentality of politics. It`s more mud throwing than caring for the people. Who hides more and has the most to lose. The only worth is to win and so are alliances, betrayal and profit all around the corner. The style of writing is very thrilling and all the people in this book have well-adjusted characters. Can you feel through the pages who is on Tyler’s side?
It’s a little strange to read about the American political system because it’s a bit different from the German system. But politics unfortunately is never clear, brave or straight. Intrigues are plastered all the way to the senate and your life is torn to everyone’s eyes.
I liked this book a lot, it was interesting with much insight facts and a lot of excitement.