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High Meadow (High Mountain Trackers, Band 1) – Freya Barker

An emergency call to pick up an injured stallion on the side of the road sends Alexandra Hart, the new owner of Hart’s Horse Rescue, into action. A recent addition to the area, she is not impressed when the animal’s taciturn owner shows up. With his less-than-stellar disposition, he’s the kind of man she normally avoids at all costs, unfortunately, he owns the ranch just down the road.

However, when the manhunt for a pair of escaped prisoners gets a little too close for comfort, Jonas turns out to be a better neighbor than she expected.

The Alex who shows up at his ranch to help with his prize stud’s recovery is not exactly who Jonas Harvey expected. This is the same bleeding heart he met on the side of the road. Worried she’s not up for the job, he’d prefer to keep a close eye on her but his High Mountain Trackers team gets called in to track down a group of domestic terrorists.

But the slip of a woman proves him wrong. On all fronts. Alex not only charms his horses but him as well, and when trouble comes calling she proves to be a worthy ally to boot.

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Wow, High Meadows is a great start to a brand new series by Freya Barker. Jonas Harvey, a former soldier, runs a ranch and searches for missing persons on the side with his former teammates. In this particular case, the missing people are not very friendly and a danger to the landscape. Alexandra Hart has her own business rescuing animals. She is a neighbor of Jonas, but they don’t meet until Jonas’ stallion is injured. A small hint of enemies to lovers is the beginning of this story, but they both very soon feel a strong attraction to each other. Alex is a very straight person, nothing of princess behavior, more the boots and cape girl. Jonas is also a straight man, but he has a lot of errands to run at this moment. So Alex and he have to wait a bit to figure out their feelings. I really liked both characters. Both are cowboys rather than townies, they know that life is hard and can be very rough at times. What struck me most about this book is that the gender roles get a little mixed up. The female part is totally clear, with less skills maybe, but with a very strong will to fight for the man she loves. And the male part is the one with all the abilities, but he had to be saved. Oh, I loved this plot twist so much.
The suspenseful story is full of details and sends chills down my spine. I had to read this book in one day. No chance to stop in the middle, I had to know the ending as much as my heart must be pounding.
The writing style is so clear and always to the point, no unnecessary words but lots of real feelings and the fact that all the people in this book have everyday worries like you and me. Friends are often better family, but Jonas has both, really good friends and his father who made me both laugh and cry with his wisdom and tenacity.
So all I can say is please read this book if you like romantic suspense, otherwise you will miss out on a great book.
Freya Barker is my favorite author in this genre, and I can’t wait for the next book.