Du betrachtest gerade A Valentine For Chelsea – Raisa Greywood

A Valentine For Chelsea – Raisa Greywood

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This novella is an outtake of Jennifers christmas daddie but it can be read as a standalone. I love the way Raisa Greywood let her characters take care of their women. Tennyson never dreamt about a girl who he can have a relationship with and who is submissive..He loves to be Chelseas Daddy. And Chelsea is poor after her ex-husband left her with nothing.
This book isnt much about erotic more about feelings for each other. Comfort and Insta – love. As a witch said *smile
I loved that the angels also play a litte side role in this book.They let love happen. The scene at the end about gabriel is freaking funny, i would love a novel about them too. hihi.
Cute adoring nice read.
A special thing for Valentines day you wont miss.