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Xander – Royal Protectors 2 – Kat Mizera

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I knew Kat Mizera from Operation Alpha World until now. It was no problem to find my way into the book, although I don’t know the first parts. I have to catch up on that very quickly. The author has thrilled me with a very emotional writing style and an easy different approach to the theme of “enemies to lovers”.
Oh yes, there are some supporting characters that play a big role and show the reader that some princesses are not always stuck-up, but carry a lot of doubts and shortcomings with them. Xander is a real cutie. He knows exactly what he wants. I liked the distribution of roles in this book. Not the thousandth millionaire secretly adored by his secretary, but royals and their lives. A princess and her bodyguard. The subject is not really new, but the author has such an exciting, captivating writing style that I could not put the book down. It was so wonderful that the author makes her protagonists work hard and not everything is just glory and glamour. This makes the whole family very likeable and down-to-earth. The erotic moment fit totally in the story and are steaming hot.
Conclusion: Read it!