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Daddys Little Wild One – Olivia Fox

With one look at those rose petal lips, luscious curves, and the gun she’s pointing at my forehead from the porch of her treehouse, I’m suddenly not only her captive but completely captivated by her.
I’ll keep her safe.

I’ll chase away the demons that left scars on her body and mind.

I’ll teach her what it means to be mine, one lesson at a time.

The first time she obeys my command, I let her know what a good girl she is. Only, this clever, wounded young woman doesn’t believe she deserves me as her protector and runs away to the very place I’ll never find. I can’t save her from the monsters in her mind, or the very real ones trying to find my baby girl in her isolated hideaway in the woods, if she won’t accept me as her guardian.

What I do know is, once I find her again, I’m never going to stop feeding my addiction for her. She’s mine, my body burns for her, and I’m not giving up until she understands she’s bound to me forever.

I admit I love dirty talk and this book has a lot. Well done. The story is sad sometimes because wounded souls need much more time to heal than scars. So Mia needs a lot of time to trust jasper and let him into her life (and bed). I’m no special fan of daddy – kink stories but in this book the aspect was hot. Main theme is suffering from PTSD and what that means to people and their family. And it’s an illness you can’t see and people judge very soon and often about brain disorders. So sad. I enjoyed this book a lot it’s an entertaining and hot short story.