Du betrachtest gerade Risky Memories (NES#2) – Rhonda Brewer

Risky Memories (NES#2) – Rhonda Brewer

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Bruce ‘Hulk’ Steel has never been in love and didn’t believe it would ever happen, that was until the day he met her. The pretty waitress at the coffee shop is the first woman to turn his head in a long time. He hopes he hasn’t ruined things by hiding the true owner of her new home.

Caroline Baker never thought the sexy man who frequented the coffee shop where she worked would change her life. As a single mother, she wasn’t looking for a relationship, but their growing friendship turns into something she didn’t know she wanted.

When Caroline’s father disappears, Hulk steps up to help her figure out what happened and whether his disappearance is related to her recurring dreams. Murder, hidden secrets, and revenge. Will it bring them closer or drive them apart?

I can keep this review very short. Everything is perfect.
On the point. I was very impressed with Hulk waiting for Caroline over the years. And also that he always stands by her side.
Hach yes , sigh, a perfect man. But I allow Caroline eveything, she has always worked hard and is a good mother to her children. She takes care of everyone she likes and especially her father, with him, she has a caring relationship, but she is also uncomfortable, because he has some problems that turn her life upside down.
The proportion of suspense story to love story is perfectly matching and the book is never boring . A great story for everyone who like Romantic Suspense.
Absolutely recommendable.