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Surviving Faithful – Anna Bishop Barker

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This was my first book in the Faithful series, but I immediately felt in love . I like stories with a small town flair, when everybody knows everyone else and all the stories are connected and fates are mastered.
Kyle has lost the love of his life and it takes a long time to get him back to Faithful.
Olivia just wants to live her little life she is struggling with mistakes she made in the past. Now, when a real threat is coming in her way, it is Kyle who saves her.
It’s quite wonderful to watch these two draw strength from each other, and Anna does an excellent job of adding a light-hearted and humorous touch to this serious subject. I admire Kyle for the way he addresses and solves problems. Honest and consistent and always respectful to Olivia but also to Aponi. I also liked Olivia, because she has taken her mistakes to heart and gives her best. The erotic moments are magically integrated into the story and everything is absolutely heartwarming. The writing style is humorous and transports wonderful depth of feelings so you can make yourself comfortable on the couch with this story.
Now I will catch up with the other parts….