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The Perfect Hero – Anna Bishop Barker

Hired to follow a trail of blood, bodies, and madness, Logan Pressley and the Themis Group are looking for a killer. Not just a killer—The Slayer.

He is not looking for a woman. At 45 years old, he has had enough of humanity, and wants no part of the myth that people call love.

Starting a new life, Maggie Robertson is not looking for a hero. Hell, she’s not even looking for a watered-down version of one. Romance, she has found, is a wasted phenomenon for the young, and the days for being swept off her feet are long past.

Then there was that one-night stand. The night Logan and Maggie lost themselves in each other. In that single night, all the carefully laid rules were broken

I loved this book a lot. Adult characters with strength and the will to try a new experience, while solving a crime.
I loved the twists and turns and the side characters. They let me yearn for the new book. Megan and Logan are well described and have some scars in their hearts. Scars that can heal maybe ? I like the way Anna tells her stories. Embedded in a nail baiting suspense plot are lovely characters and the balance between romance and suspense is perfect.