Du betrachtest gerade Dead in the Water: The Deep Six Book 6 – Julie Ann Walker

Dead in the Water: The Deep Six Book 6 – Julie Ann Walker

Dalton “Doc” Simmons is having one helluva week. First, archaic laws have kept him and his partners at Deep Six Salvage from recovering the sunken treasure they’ve been after since bugging out of the Navy. Second, an approaching hurricane threatens to scatter the legendary riches across the bottom of the ocean. And third, Deep Six’s feisty, flirty attorney, Camilla D’ Angelo, has just landed on Wayfarer Island, and she represents everything he can’t stand…and everything he can’t help but want.

One look at Doc and Cami knew she’d met the man of her dreams. The medical doctor-turned Navy SEAL-turned treasure hunter has it all—brawn and brains. The problem? He doesn’t like her. In fact, no man has ever given her so much crap. But something tells Cami there’s more to his bad-tempered brooding than meets the eye.

As the storm closes in, so does a boat full of dangerous men bent on claiming the centuries-old treasure for themselves…and killing everyone on Wayfarer Island. Doc must keep Cami close if he wants to keep her alive. But all that proximity turns up the heat on the chemistry bubbling between them. For Cami, it’s more than a fight for her life, it’s a fight for Doc’s heart. If they survive, can she convince him to let go of his past for a chance at a future with her?

“Dead in the water” is the sixth and final book in the Deep Six series. And I loved to be on Wayfarers Island. I loved the way Julie Ann Walker describes all the memories from Doc and his teammates. This book is about Doc, who had a terrible loss in his past , and now he is not able to love again. Not until Cami joins the group as a lawyer. But here we go: It’s an Enemy to Lovers Theme in this book. I enjoyed the banter between Cami and Doc, but I also enjoyed the circumstances that made both protas as they now are.
Between and around this love theme is a thrilling story about some guys who want to be bad, but battle with the wrong guys. Bad Idea. And added : Julia. Great performance , important role. She plays the matchmaker in double ways. Yes, in two ways Who is the second couple ? Ha guessing is allowed, but when you count through the people on Wayfarers island you will know. And this double potion of love is so sweet, because it suggests everybody that :
Ah sorry foremost : The good always win. And second : Love has no boundaries either in age nor in professions.
I loved this book so much, and : yes I’m sad, because it was the last chapter of this adventure. An adventure of falling in love and battling the bad guys from which direction the may come. Love is always pole position. The bedroom scenes are pretty hot and fits so cute into the story. And the mix of description and actions is balanced perfectly.
The last thing to say : I loved this series a lot and if I would have treasured a genie in a bottle My wish would be that Deep Six may meet Black Knights in a crisscross action series with all their kids. The next generation . Ha that would be a fine worldsavingcompany 🙂