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Back in Black: Black Knights Inc: Reloaded (English Edition)

Englisch Ausgabe von Julie Ann Walker

A secret identity mixed in with forced proximity on top of red-hot chemistry? What could go wrong?

The Black Knights are back and better than ever!

FBI agent Grace Beacham is on the run. After an operation to bring down a Russian disinformation campaign goes sideways and ends in her partner’s death, the Kremlin has sent its most notorious assassin to kill her. Not knowing who to trust inside the Bureau, Grace is forced to call on the one man who might be able to save her. The one man she hasn’t been able to forget.

BKI operative Hunter Jackson walked away from Grace Beacham three years ago. And he hasn’t looked back. But when his cell phone suddenly jangles to life with Grace on the other end begging for his help, he doesn’t hesitate to ride to her rescue.

Grace is no stranger to men like Hunter. Men who are devastatingly attractive and in love with their perilous professions and no-strings-attached lifestyles. As the two of them go off-grid to uncover the truth behind what happened on her last assignment, she fears her life might not be the only thing on the line. With Hunter, her heart could be in danger too.

And within the first few pages, I realized how much I missed them. There is a brand new team, but the setting is the same. This one is about Hunter Jackson and Grace Beacham.
They met a while ago and couldn’t get over each other. Now Grace needs help. Appearance Hunter
And, oh man, they have a lot to go through. They have to play hide and seek with Grace’s department and a highly armed henchman, also known as Orpheus.
The plot is gripping from the first page, with many twists and turns and packed with action. That’s the style I like to read. When danger and love hold the balance and you turn page after page to find out what happens next.
Hunter is kind of a part-time recluse, but Grace takes the edge off his pain. Grace has a great family, but is disappointed in her current life. So Hunter can help her out of that. I love these two characters, they show strength and try to support each other, certainly with the help of the rest of the BKI team. It is a lot of fun to read that Julie Ann Walker has always had a glimpse of the next couple, in this case especially Sam and Hannah. The bickering overlays the current danger and makes for a lot of fun and some breathing room in a packed action story. I also love the way she describes everything from different points of view. What the person thinks about themselves and how the person they are facing thinks about them. So the reader gets many views of the same person from different angles, and that makes everyone in this book wonderfully described and characterized. I can hardly wait to see what Hurricane Hannah and Sam will experience.