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Bad Boyfriend – Elise Faber

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Kelsey is – a nerd – super intelligent, and she loves to stay at home and read. Once she was hooked up with Tanner – her brother’s best friend. But he left her brokenhearted. So she won’t never meet him again. But now he’s back in town for her brother’s wedding. Feelings cooking on high flame in an instant and both are fighting against their feelings.

I love Elise Fabers style. So clear you can see the heartbreak in your mind while reading. You can feel it too. Both characters are unique and don’t trust each other anymore. They need to deal with this – okay. But would it work ?
This book is funny with an intelligent plot and many scenes that made me chuckle. Family is all that counts but who belongs to the family that is the center of this story. Confidence for sure and to deal with your life in each way you want and don’t take care of circumstances.
This book is the 7th of the series Billionairs Club but you can read it as a standalone.
I love the chemistry between Kelsey and Tanner, because they’re both very special characters and earn each other.
I turned through the pages fingers crossed for a happy ending…
Loved this one very much, thanks Elise.