Du betrachtest gerade Bitch – Elise Faber

Bitch – Elise Faber

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Olivia and Cole

The title is illustrative. Yes, Olivia is a bitch. But it’s a case of ” barking dogs don’t bite”. She’s bitchy because she is a very unsecure person. Is she able to go through her stuff to find stability in her heart to let Cole in ?
It’s a hart piece of work for her. Cole is adorable. He shows confidence and love. And he is patient. Olivia has done everything to succeed, no vulnerability on the outside. But inside she wants to be loved. I loved these opposites in their characters. My heart melted with Olivia’s attempts to trust Cole and – much more important – herself. To let her guard down and feelings in her heart.
This is a very special book, Olivia and Cole are always able to talk to each other so there’s no misunderstanding in having old behaviors. I adored that. Elise Fabers writing style is always clear and on the point. I love the way she talks about problems throughout her books, that every reader knows but dont want to talk about.