Du betrachtest gerade Bad Wedding (Billionaire’s Club Book 9) – Elise Faber

Bad Wedding (Billionaire’s Club Book 9) – Elise Faber

The white dress.
The diamond ring.
The full church.
The . . . missing groom.

Molly Miller had become a cliché when Jackson Davis left her at the altar, but she’d crawled back from the heartbreak and embarrassment and was living her dream of running a successful eatery in San Francisco.

Well, good riddance. She didn’t need Jackson, or any other man in her life. She had Molly’s, her restaurant, she had her customers, and she finally had found some happy.

Who cared that she had unanswered questions as to why Jackson had left? It didn’t matter. He’d gone and that was that. Moving on, grinding out one day in front of another, baking her way through her emotions and generally moving on with her life.

Until . . . one early morning Jackson walked through the front door of her restaurant.

And her whole world imploded.

I love this series and I also totally love every book that Elise Faber has written. This one is a second chance love story about Molly and Jackson. He left her hours before their wedding. Now he’s back . He needs to explain why…but this explanation means danger.
The story is tough and well written. There is a lot of chemistry between the characters, and other persons around give the story a very suspenseful drive. I love the way Elise Faber characterizes her protagonists, with open hearts and belonging and longing. And her characters talk to each other, about what happened and why, so they can understand, forgive and grow with these knowings. And sometimes they fell in love again ( or never stopped loving). One scene was a bit strange for me. They met after four years of hate and heartbreaking grief and Molly wants to have sex with him ? Okay maybe he is that hot…..
I like about Elise’s writing style that she often forms sentences from a word with a period mark behind it. So the cinema in my head knows clearly what movie to play.