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Hot Mess – Elise Faber

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  1. A disorganized, disaster at life.
  2. Someone who excels at disorder and disarray.
  3. A person who’s holding it together . . . but just barely.
  4. Shannon Torres

Once upon time Shannon had been young and single. But then she’d met Brian and they’d gotten married . . . and now she was single again, only this time she had the best little girl on the planet to show for it.

Which was pretty much the only thing that was going right in her life.

Brian, her lousy cheating ex, was finally out of the picture, and she was left with an expensive house, a car payment she could barely afford, and a job that left her drained at the end of the day.

She was barely hanging on.

Then she met Finn. The number one movie star in the world. The most beautiful man she’d ever laid eyes on. Also, quite possibly the only man whose life might be a bigger hot mess than her own.

And he wanted her . . .

No, this couldn’t go wrong at all.

I totally adore Elise Fabers books. It ´s like watching through a window in other people lives. But with warm sunshine around. Shannon suffers because she didn’t really know who she is. She needs a backbone and I loved that Finn was able to help her. The fact that both main characters have totally different problems made this book a thrilling read. Confidence versus self-surrender, mega star versus single mom, and the questioning of fault, these are the well described subjects of this romantic read. No rampant horizontal sceneries but much sparkling and get to know each other made this book very romantic and easy to read. I love the way Elise writes about women who need to find their way back to luck and love. And little Rylie is the sweetest kid and a wonderful co – star. And yes, for sure there is a douche bag in the past who takes the hating part for all readers . Douchy – baggy Brian

I loved this book a lot.