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Trusting Skylar ( Silverstone#1) – Susan Stoker

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Opposites Attract sometimes.
In this one very soon but very careful. I adored the way the talk to each other. Bull ( Carson ) , former Military is a member of Silverstone tow Company, who has a dark secret.
On the first page the book unfortunatly told me who Rex really is ( Mountain Mercenary Series ) but it’s my fault that I wasn’t able to read the last two books by now :).
Who is in contact with Susan Stokers Books gets to know that each book has a very own theme, a very own disability or problem to explore to the reader.
In this book it’s about Skylar who is a very caring kindergarten teacher. She’s adorable in her job, but fairly underpaid. She meets Bull, and they re attracted to each other very soon. Skylar was raised by rich parents and has no problems on her agenda. Only her naïveté is cute but dangerous , she is always and only seeing the good in the people who surround her. Here Mrs Stoker plays hard with clichés but that’s a good thing. I love on her books that they always show an uncanny reality about a topic. Skylar cares for her kindergarten kids beyond hours or mood. She’s always there for them.
Bull has seen his share of bad in the world, so he’s totally opposite to Skylar. That was a fine and exiting.
I always get tears to my eyes while reading Susans books. She has the talent to let her Protagonists very often say heartwarming overwhelming words of truth. Yes it may be a little over the hood ( no one would act like this in reality, or say such true words to strangers ) but one : It warms the heart of every reader , and second: I’m learning through her books. About truths to be told and how to react with respect. I loved Bull so much for the respect he gave to everyone in this book. And in every book I learn something new. Here about how kindergarten teachers work and in the next one about something I never heard of before:prosopagnosia. The absolute counterpart to Eagle. Oh gosh, I love Susan Stokers books.