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Onyx (Gem, Band 3) 2023

Englisch Ausgabe von Freya Barker (Autor)

GEM: a privately-funded organization operating independently in the search for-and the rescue and recovery of-missing and exploited children. Although, at times working in conjunction with law enforcement, GEM aims to ensure the victims receive justice…by whatever means necessary.


Operator Onyx; balanced, strong, a guardian

She’s the voice of reason, advocates, and strategizes.

Supporting the team from the background, Onyx rarely goes out in the field. However, when a widespread child exploitation ring is discovered, her particular skill set is needed to get close.

Unfortunately, her boss-a man she’s never laid eyes on before-is dead set against her taking the lead. Outvoted, he finds a way to keep her in his sights, risking his own exposure.

It’s only a matter of time before the final truth is revealed, and they’re forced to face the past and secure their future.

#arc #freyabarker

I loved every second of this book. The final installment in the series is about Onyx, a normally very calm and even-tempered woman, even though she experienced horrible things in her childhood at Transition House. In this book, she’s not really well-adjusted, and it’s because of one very special man. ….
I loved seeing Pearl and Opal solidify their relationship and finally live the life they’ve always dreamed of.
I found the book to be a crowning finale because all the loose threads are really tied up and resolved. I also loved that the theme of Transition House and all the villains were with the reader throughout the series. Of course, this also means that you should read the whole series to get the full reading experience. But this is more of a theoretical problem with Freya Barker. Once you start reading her books, you can’t stop and become addicted to the stories she tells.

And of course the protagonists :).
But I found the brokenness of the main characters in this series very special. Especially because in this book both main characters have this past and not one can give the other strength, but both have to be strong for each other.
Which of course leads to an even more beautiful happy ending, because as a reader you feel so sorry for them that you can rejoice all the more.
The theme is very present in all books and gives the reader goosebumps here and there, but everything is absolutely fantastic. And the writing is, as always with Freya Barker, full of emotion, great moments, lots of suspense and action, mixed with a very nice attraction to the protagonists.

Conclusion: Just perfect !!!!