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Bad Bridesmaid (Billionaire’s Club Book 11) – Elise Faber

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After a one night stand at Kelseas wedding Brad sneaked out. Heidi never want to meet him again, but he still is the brother of Kelseas husband. When they meet again, Brad will do everything to make amends his mistake. Heidi is a scientist who loves her job, but family isn’t always nice with her, so she has a great lack of self confidence. Brad has a lot of work to do to give Heidi the right look about her life. He himself was always fleeing the situations. Never be responsible for someone, that was his lifestyle. Let nobody in your heart, so it can’t be broken. But now he knows what he wants, and this is Heidi.

I loved this book a lot. It’s without any drama so the development of the figures is well described. Only falling in love, and how that feels is what matters. I also loved how Brad is with Heidi, always supportive, and he always gives her the right to live her life and love her job. The erotic moments fit well in this story and Heidi learns to let go of bad influences and live the life she wants.
Brad learns to give his heart away and that it not always hurt to stand for someone. You welcome old friends in this book, but it can be read as a stand alone – no problem.
I loved the banter between the two and the support from their friends. This is a story about taking a leap of faith and it’s wonderful.