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Caged (Gold Hockey Book 11) – Elise Faber

God, she was so painfully, awkwardly shy.

Blurting out the wrong thing at the wrong time? Check.
Puking in front of the class when she’d needed to give a speech? Double check.
Critically, embarrassingly unable to summon any semblance of a rational thought when in the presence of an attractive man? Triple check.

And she was surrounded by gorgeous, sexy men on a daily basis.

As video coach for the San Francisco Gold hockey franchise, Dani spent her days wrapped in a technological bubble. She studied tape, prepared clips for the players, and generally avoided other people.

Until Ethan.

She’d thought he was going to ask her to fix his computer.

Instead, he’d asked her out.

On a date. A date! That didn’t compute. It couldn’t be right. No one asked her out—

Ethan had.

And suddenly, Dani thought it might be possible to leave her shy, awkward days behind her.

This is the eleventh book of the Gold Hockey series and I like that the team is one big family. You meet most of the characters over and over again, it’s a bit like being a fan of the team.

Ethan is very intelligent but still goes his way as a professional field hockey player. Dani is a nerd, and she likes computers better than people. She is very shy, and she has also experienced some unpleasant things in her life. The two yearn for each other for years before Ethan gets the courage to ask Dani out. Dani’s shyness makes her uncomfortable, and she doesn’t believe that a hot guy like Ethan could really be interested in her.

This book is in equal parts about romantic love or being in love and about self-love and self-esteem. This causes problems for Ethan, who has extremely intelligent and successful parents. And Dani feels very uncomfortable in her skin and her head. I liked the book very much, and I think the subject of self – love is very well described. Instead of big dramas in the past, here are quiet creeping problems that can weigh a person down quite a bit and although the environment and family love you, you have to love yourself first to find happiness. Ethan impressed me with his patience and strength, he’s a great guy and everything fits together. And Dani takes forever to thaw out, but as a reader you are all the more happy about her happiness.

A great book with wonderful characters.