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Dissecting Meredith (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha) (On Call Book 6) – Freya Barker

Since taking over the county coroner’s office, Meredith “Doc” Carter has been working hard to gain the respect of both her peers and local authorities. Reporting the circumstances surrounding the death of a loved one is often a thankless part of her job. Still, those are the easier cases. Random body parts turning up are substantially more troublesome, and when the facts don’t line up Meredith reaches out to entomologist, Casey Shea for answers.

Detective Jay VanDyken has admired Doc from the sidelines. His recent promotion comes with the added benefit of dealing directly with the silver-haired forensic pathologist, an opportunity he doesn’t plan on wasting. The discovery of partial remains have Jay and Meredith working closely together, but breaking down the pieces to build their case is not the only challenge. Their developing relationship has its own share of problems.

The shortest review ever: This book is absolutely perfect 🙂

May I also say, that I adore Freya’s style of writing. So empathetic and clear in all emotions, and on top a great suspense case which needs to be solved. I also love that you see again many characters from previous books. Jay VanDyken was an interesting character in former books but in this one he is absolute adorable. I loved that he became a detective just to meet Meredith more often. And for her, he explains the dark chapters of his former family life. Meredith is sweet but also strong. She lives a new life in Durango and Jay sneaks into her heart. Slow but steady. As in the most books Freya’s characters are some years older and had a lot of experience in what is wrong or right. I love this so much the bright sunshine the author brings to the readers’ heart. That in the deepest darkest moments there is love and a family for everyone. The feeling of Durango is pictorial described and I love this little town too.
What should I say. I love every word, every character, and every scenario written by this fantastic author.
Negatives: None, I’m sorry.