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Lock&Load (Pass, Band 3) – Freya Barker

There are two wonderful themes in this book . First, a great suspense story about a woman who is beaten up in front of Hillary, which turns into a case of unimagined proportions that spans several states and, of course, has something to do with Raider’s profession.
And due to this suspence story Hillary and Raider meets and sparks begin to fly. Two people who like to be alone and are quite workaholics. Hillary because she has to, due to her debts and Raider because he very often forgets the time in his job in front of the screen, tracing down suspects.
A secret star of this book is Philomena, my heartimmediately melted for her. And of course all other members of PASS are there to support not only the investigation , but also Raider’s way into Hillary’s heart. Raider is quite a nerd when it comes to interpersonal relationships. But I admit he is a hot nerd,
What I love about Freya’s books is that they show people as everyday life really is. No kid stuff, but real adult feelings. It’s so heartwarming. And really fun to read. I devoured this book in one day and I can only keep advertising from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful books of a great author. Here every word, every emotion is in the right place and its extremely exiting.