Du betrachtest gerade Lyme disease – B.Raxlen et altera

Lyme disease – B.Raxlen et altera

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Lyme disease is an illness caused by various species of bacteria in the genus Borrelia that live in the guts of ticks. Once transmitted to humans, it can attack the immune system and lead to serious health complications such as arthritis, meningitis, neurological problems, even heart failure. While Lyme disease can sometimes be treated with antibiotics if detected early, its very hard to detect when the bite happened a long time ago, unnoticed..
With the variety of health complications it is so hard to detect that many Doctors fail.

My Opinion:
Hu, this book is frightening, a thriller with a tick as main character. The book is divided into five parts
First some background about ticks,
second people speak about their TBD,
third some explanations
fourth how ticks spread the disease all over the wold and
last some healing.
This book is well to read and very informative. It was horrifying to read about the disease and how much people suffer unknown. I live in Germany, and we have many high risk areas of Lyme disease. And do we have doctors who know? I don`t think so Most of the people are seeing very many specialists and the end of the track is : it´s your psyche.
And the book says it`s the same all over the world. Alarming.
Maybe it will be possible in the future to teach every medicine — student about Lyme disease to detect as many suffering people as possible.

The book is to much in detail to the subject, some fewer pages would have done better. But it`s very informative to everyone. Maybe some maps would have been nice to see where on earth are high risk zones, to listen to oneself if anyone who suffers on those symptoms had been in a high risk zone.

Conclusion: Very informative, well written good explained overview of Lyme disease and Tick – bone-disease