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Mountain Delight – Vanessa Vale

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Hailey Taylor, a ski racer, is dating Luke. Luke is not feeling well he has PTSD and his sister has been murdered. Cy has been wondering all the time why his father confessed to be the murder of Luke’s sister, so he lives like a hermit. Only when Lucas and Hailey are playing for his best friend on their bed sport? Hailey’s ready to play. And Cy tries too.

So they come together. Three broken souls looking for love. It’s not easy to open up your heart to someone else when you don’t know yourself properly. And … the killer is around.

I like the books of Vanessa Vale. Her style of writing has a great recognition value. And their Ménage a Trois scenarios are unique and hot. This book is more seriously than others, the erotic moments are even a bit in the background and are in part only hinted. The murder draws like a red thread through the books and keeps the tension high.

For me this is one of her best books.