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Mountain Desire – Vanessa Vale

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This book is intense because of the characters. I adore Sam, shes so naive but sweet and lovely. Mac is some kind of Bad — Boy and Hardin quite the opposite.

As in every book by Vanessa Vale, the protas hook up together very soon. I love the sweetness and protectiveness she’s telling. Every girl with all her senses together would adore that too.

I love this series because there is not only steamy hot insta love but a very suspenseful story about a killer going around in town. This mixture of sweet love and packed romantic suspense is perfect to the bone.

Well done Vanessa I love your style, your ideas and your characters which aren’t just cute they also transport that nobody needs to be perfect, nobody is perfect, love waits around the corner (or in the ER room 🙂 and a murderer needs to be found. More I want more….