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Mountain Danger – Vanessa Vale

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Who killed Erin Mills ?
The overarching plot spans all four books so its better to read them in line. This book has everything you need. Suspense, heat and a little danger. Eve is working with Nix at the Police Department. And Erin Mills is her case. She meets Finch and Shane at her besties party. She never went for men. She had a bad experience, but these two are so attractive, strong and sexy, she can not deny the heat. Shane and Finch also had past issues, they don’t trust people easily. But they want Eve at all costs, she’s the one. I adored the fact that Eve is straight in her opinion. She confronts the men with the problems. She doesn’t hide or run away. That’s so great. And she confronts herself with her past and her life and the fact that Shane and Finch both could be the two”. I love the life in Cutthroat and the steamy scenes I expect from Vanessa Vale. Its so sweet to see how Shane and Finch give Eve her self consciousness back.
This book is about second chances, love, trust and of course a murder on the loose. But be sure they found the culprit.

This book is absolutely amazing and a must-read.