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Seconds ( Salvation Society ) – Freya Barker

Love, life…death—a few seconds can change everything.

I’m a criminal defense lawyer determined to build my own firm from the ground up.
My ex, the new prosecutor, complicates things; especially when the animosity between us infects the whole courtroom.

Then I meet Callum—my brother’s friend, a bounty hunter, and the accused in my new case.
The charge—sexual battery.
The supposed victim—a bail jumper he’s been chasing halfway across the country.

My instincts tell me he’s innocent, which I set about proving, but I didn’t expect to fall for him in the process.
Our mutual attraction becomes a tempting complication neither of us can resist.

When a body turns up, Callum and I realize a war is raging around us; and one of us is the target. With an ex-husband eager to take me down, and a woman determined to ruin Callum, we need to figure out who the perpetrator is…before time runs out.

I loved Reagan’s character so much. She is a tough Lawyer and Cal’s tenant. Cal is a bounty hunter. Alone be this – sexy enough 🙂 Oh dear, Cal, yeah he is very protecting and handsome. The more books I read from Freya Barker the more I fall in love with her stories. Seconds is another example for Freya’s excellent writing style. Everything fits. The suspense is embedded in a wonderful romance story and even though it is a short read everything is included. The twists and turns kept me turning the pages and the erotic scenes are really hot. I love that Freya’s couples often are confident in their relationship and face everything together. In this story the danger comes from around the corner. Huh. Please enjoy.It’s awesome.

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