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Edge of Tomorrow – Freya Barker

I’m an old book loving woman.
A reader, a book glutton, addicted to romantic suspense.

My Name is Melli

I know that these books are fiction but I can’t wait to read me home to Durango.

Sorry for that, but in each of Freya’s books I feel totally involved. Especially because Brick and Lisa are well known from former Books. Now they start something. I loved the way both characters behave. Mature and always for the sake of the kids.
The past formed these characters.
Freya’s style of writing is incredibly clear and on the point with the feelings. It was a lot to take for Brick and Lisa in this book. A new baby, some illness and a vicious traitor. Speedy action caught me from the first page. I adored the way they solved all the problems together.
Plus I loved that there are always criss-crossing characters from other series, like Sumo and Blue, or the F.B.I.

There is not much to say for me about this book, just: Its perfect. This is the 15th book I read from Freya Barker and I’m always a lot in love with each new couple. There’s always a different theme and its time and again sweet , lovely and emotional. I adore the gift of Freya Barkers writing style to have the perfect mixture between everyday life and action.