Du betrachtest gerade Edge Of Reality (Arrow’s Edge MC Book 5) – Freya Barker

Edge Of Reality (Arrow’s Edge MC Book 5) – Freya Barker

Horsepower and green thumbs meets justice and flip-flops.

I’m a late bloomer.

A geek, an introvert, an enigma, and a watchdog.

My name is Paco.

I’m determined enough to bide my time, yet too clever to pass up on opportunity.

I’m a steadfast rebel.

An outcast, a defender, a hothead, and an eccentric.

My name is Mel.

I’m resolute enough to carve my own way, but not too blind to see a better path.

We are established loners—each limited by the boundaries we set—but when a young boy’s life hangs in the balance, we discover we have more in common than we thought.

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This book was my absolute private Edge of Reality. Oh my Goodness, Freya what have you done…
Mel is successful in her own business – just like me.
Her name is Melanie – just like mine
She suffers from some special health issues – the same I have at the moment
She hates styling up – just like me…

And for sure I won’t push Paco from the “edge of bed”.*brightsmile

So for all that reasons, I sometimes wasn’t on the Edge of Reality I dived in. Totally and completely. So I’m not able to write an objective review, sorry.
Everything is perfect, the cross-over with the ” Rock Point” Series and ” Police and Fire ” , the setting of the side characters and the suspects in the murder case. Poor kid Mason and Cookie were great opposites with incredible cuteness factor.
Everything is perfect in this great book