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Centered ( Gold Hockey #9) – Elise Faber

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You’re valuable,you’re important, you mean something These are the main sentences of this book, and they mean the world to Mia and Liam. Both characters have the same problem. Worthiness. Liam in his job as a hockey player, been always competited to his family, and Mia in private, always feeling unworthy because of something terrible that happened to her family. This book starts slow, both main characters have to find their worthiness in themselves and in each other. They learn what friends are for and let go of the desperate need for perfection. Everybody needs a person in your life that support and love you. This is a wonderful story about healing, finding yourself and the love of your life. I loved both characters and Elises style of writing shows so much emotion that I couldn’t let the book out of my hands.