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High Impact (High Mountain Trackers, Band 4) Taschenbuch –

Englisch Ausgabe von Freya Barker

Manager for Hart’s Horse Rescue, Lucy Lenoir, finally feels she has a handle on life after having worked hard to leave her old one behind. So hard, there are times she almost forgets what she escaped. Memories which suddenly come flooding back when she catches a glimpse of a familiar horseman in town.

What’s worse, he’s in the company of the unlikely cowboy she’s only just beginning to trust.

High Mountain Tracker, Bo Rivera, tries hard never to repeat his mistakes. A huge one changed the course of his life and made him particularly cautious, especially around women. So much so, he almost passed up on the best thing to ever walk into his life; the compact, blonde ballbuster in need of a gentle hand.

However, the more he learns about her, the more he realizes a soft touch alone won’t keep her demons at bay. Those will need a firmer hand…to keep the gun steady.

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Scratch the Goose, what a book.
I like all the people at High Meadow Ranch. Lucy we already know a little as Alex’s friend, and everybody suspected , that she has a secret,
However, the revealed life story of Lucy totally freaked me out.. Poor girl, , no wonder she wants to live so secluded.
Bo is a total sweetheart in this book, and he tries everything to prove Lucy, that love can be worth living.
Trust in fellow human beings is a big theme in this book, friendship and of course trauma processing. All this, the author has packed in her usual sovereign manner in a straight story and added a huge portion of suspense.
And again a book by Freya Barker of which I must say: It is the best. ( I kind of say that to every book of hers 🙂
The language style is great, the protagonists all trumendous, and High Meados a unique world with high recognition value.
I really hope Dan will get his story too , he was one of the secret stars of this book for me. Next to Lucy of course. She is so strong and so wonderful.
Just like Bo. I liked the contrasts in the characters. Bo, who is tough on the outside and quite soft on the inside, and in contrast Lucy, who lives only secretly, but is quite tough on the inside.