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Igniting Vic (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha) (On Call Book 8) – Freya Barker

Victoria “Vic” Paige thought she was firmly back in the saddle since returning to her job as a firefighter after a three-year hiatus. These past twelve months with her new crew at Station 3 have rebuilt her confidence. That is until they are called to a motel fire where she stumbles onto the scene of a murder, which has her shaken to the core. But a pair of calm blue eyes and the deep composed voice of the first detective on the scene restores her equilibrium.

As a recent transplant from the Denver PD to the smaller Durango force, Detective Bill Evans is enjoying the slower pace. So when he is called to a motel fire, he doesn’t expect it to be the first in a series of gruesome murders, bringing back unwelcome memories. The only high point is finding the familiar, beautiful, blond-haired firefighter on the scene. Despite the heavy workload inevitable with a difficult case like this, he’s determined not to let that stroke of good luck go to waste.

However, when the killer turns the investigation personal, Evans finds himself reconnecting with his former partner, Quint Axton, as he scrambles to keep those he cares about safe.

This book had everything you need as a reader. I adored that all the other characters are included, like the FBI Team and Ourays guys. It made me feel like coming home to Durango.
Bill is detective at the Durango Police Department and Victoria a firefighter like her Dad. She is also Trin `s sister, and we know her from former books. Now the reader can see other sides of her besides the fire department she works for. She really has a soft side, but a man has to cope with the fact that she is tough and a firefighter. That puts most men off blatantly. Besides, she has a little problem in the form of a cast-off lover who doesn’t know the word no. Bill is at peace with himself, and so he can give Victoria support when she requires it most.
I love Freya Barker’s books, she has so many themes in her books. From deaths of close relatives, to stalking. From women who require strong men by their side to men who need family. On top of that, a crazy serial killer who makes life hell for both protagonists.
There is so much emotion in these pages, so much heart of the protagonists and so much e feelings that you can discover for yourself. In addition, all the protagonists are a bit older, and therefore Freya’s books always feel like you can slip into the protagonists and experience these stories together with them.